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Our Voter Guide is Online!

Starting on August 3, the LWVVT will post candidate information for the contested primaries for state-wide office: U.S. House and Senate, Governor and Lt. Governor, Secretary of State and Auditor of Accounts. Following the primary election, information about candidates for all the state-wide offices and the Legislature will be added.

Click here for candidate information. By typing in your address, you can access just those races you are eligible to vote in, or you may check out all of them. Candidates' positions can be compared side-by-side, and you may print out a "ballot" indicating your preferences to take with you to the polls as a reminder of your choices.

The League is proud to provide this service to Vermont's voters.

Voter Information

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Town Meeting and local elections

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Polling Places

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Election Results

Primary and General election results are posted at:

After the elections

Keep track of what your legislators are doing. The legislature has an easily-negotiated website with a wealth of information, including House and Senate Calendars (daily agendas), Journal (record of action), committee schedules, bills before the legislature, and more. Check it out.