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The LWVVT's community access TV series presents Vermont's movers and shakers talking about issues of interest to all of us.

We kicked off in March, 2013. Kate Rader talked with Rep. Tony Klein about energy legislation to address the problem of heating fuel -- one of Vermont's major contributors to climate change and a growing economic burden for Vermonters, as the price of oil has doubled in the past ten years.

Sonja Schuyler interviewed Sen. Anthony Pollina in April, about the current campaign finance reform bill in the Legislature.

In May, Claudette Sortino spoke with Peter Sterling, Exec. Dir. Of VT Health Care Security Education Fund. Sterling explained Vermont's efforts to bring health care reform to Vermont, first through the federal ACA, leading to a single payer system for the state.

Kate Rader was back in May, talking with Keil Corey of the Vermont Natural Resources Council and Paul Markowitz of Energy Vermont about the Home Energy Challenge to weatherize 3% of VT homes/year.

To see these programs, go to <>, scroll down the Playlists tab and click on "Spotlight on Vermont Issues."

In July, the League of Women Voters took the series to the BCTV Studio in Brattleboro. In this episode, host Janet Cramer focuses the discussion on "Mental Health and Collaborative Care in Vermont." Her guest, Peter Albert, is the Senior Vice President for Governmental Relations at the Brattleboro Retreat, and the President of Vermont Collaborative Care. It can be seen at <>.

Sonja Schuyler was back in August, this time at the studios of CCTV in Burlington. She talked with with Linda Berlin, Director, University of Vermont Center for Sustainable Agriculture on developing food networks and how to improve the farm to consumer connections while improving nutrition. Watch it at <>.

September 24 was National Voter Registration Day, and Susan Clark talked to Montpelier City Clerk John Odum about the importance of voting and civic participation in general. See it at <>; scroll down the Playlist to "Spotlight on Issues," where all six of the programs recorded at the ORCA studies are listed.

In October we worked in cooperation with Community Health Centers of Burlington, Planned Parenthood, and Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security Education Fund to present Are You Ready, a live call-in forum to answer questions about signing up for insurance under Health Connect. Unfortunately no recording of that program is available.

In December Janet Cramer of the SE (Brattleboro) MAL Unit spoke with House Agriculture Committee Chair about the proposed new federal food safety regulations and their potential impact on Vermont's small farms. It can be seen at <>.

In April, 2014 we took a break from our usual format to record a public forum related to our study of public banking. It is posted among the resources on the Banking Study Page:.

Back in the ORCA studio in Montpelier in August, Jean Hopkins talked with Josh Kelly of the Agency of Natural Resources about Act 148, Vermont's new universal recycling law. Learn about it at <>.

Campaign season brought a debate between Washington County State's Attorney candidates Tom Kelly and Scott Williams, moderated by Lindy Biggs, LWVCEN. See it at <>

In December the topic was Money in Politics. Kate Rader interviewed Sec. of State Jim Condos about information on campaign contributions and expenditures no available on the SoS website: <>. See the interview at  <>

The new year brought us full circle with Kate Rader interviewing Rep. Tony Klein on this Legislative session's energy bill (H.40) and dental practitioners (H.1). Watch it at <>.

Following the withdrawal from single payer health care at the beginning of the 2015 Legislative session, in March Jean Hopkins talked with Dr. Deborah Richter on publicly funded primary health care for all (H.207/S.88). See it at  <>.

Peter Levine, Director of CIRCLE, Tuft University's Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and engagement spoke at a LWVVT conference on March 21. He is a nationally recognized activist and author for civic renewal. His talk can be found by going to <>, click on Playlist, and scroll down to Spotlight on Vermont Issues.

In May Sonja Schuyler interviewed Sec. of Transporta- tion Sue Minter, about highway funding issues: <>.

Atty Gen. William Sorrell gave the keynote address at the LWVVT Convention in June, where he spoke on campaign finance issues. This talk can be found by going to <>, click on Playlist, and scroll down to Spotlight on Vermont Issues.

After a summer break, Sonja Schuyler was back in September, with Bryn Oakleaf of the Agency of Natural Resources, once again explaining the Universal Recycling Law, which went into effect in July, 2014 and will be fully implemented by July, 2020. The interview can be viewed at <>. For more information about the law, go to <>.

For the past two years, the LWVUS has conducted studies of Money in Politics and Amending the Constitution by Convention. A public discussion of the former was held in November, and can be seen here: <>.

Later, study committee member Ann Luther, LWVME, discussed the pros and cons of amending the Constitution by convention. The Constitution provides for this, but gives no guidelines, and there has been no such convention since the first one. That discussion can be seen at <>.

The 2016 Spring Lecture hosted by the LWVVT presented LWVUS Board member and Observer at the United Nations Rosalee Keech, and Det. Lt. Lance Burnham of the Vermont State Police to talk about Human Trafficking on the local and international level. See the program at <>.

In June, Claudette Sortino talked with Heather Ross, Heather Ross, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Co-Chair Vermont Human Trafficking Task Force and Edith Klimoski, Director, Give Way to Freedom Foundation, to learn more about Human Trafficking in Vermont. That interview can be seen at <>