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The newsletter of the LWVVT, The Green Mountain Citizen is published quarterly. To read recent issues, click on the date of interest:

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Citizens' Guide

The Vermont Citizens' Guide to Government in Vermont is not available at this time. The LWVVT is preparing a revised update for 2017.

The Citizen's Guide has been used as an educational tool in many Vermont schools for government/civics classes since it was first printed in 1965. The 100-page book provided a comprehensive examination of all aspects of local, county, and state government and describes in detail the officers, departments and functions of each. The Guide delves into the roles of the state executive, legislative, and judicial branches and explains the process by which individual bills become laws.

Touching on historical and geographical background that helped form the settlement of the state and its Constitution, the Vermont Constitution is included in its entirety. Also included are sections on voting and the responsibilities of citizenship.


The League of Women Voters of Central Vermont has published a booklet for new members (or potential members) which explains what the League is and how it works. Click here to see it.