Making Democracy Work

In the Legislature

Your League at the State House

As the legislative session progresses, the LWVVT continues to be a presence in the State House, observing committee meeetings and talking with our legislators. Details about legislation and legislators of interest are given below.

Testimony given to Senate Government Operations Committee on election day registration.

Testimony given to Senate Government Operations Committee on a proposed Constitutional Amendment calling for a runoff election if no candidate for Governor, Lt. Governor or state Treasurer receives a majority of the votes.


We'll be back next January, when the Legislature reopens with a new session.

The Legislators

A list of state Senators by county can be found here and Representatives and their districts can be seen by clicking here

Click here to find scheduled hearings for a particular bill, and here for the weekly committee schedules. They are posted every Monday, but are subject to change, so check again if you are interested in a specific day.