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Transportation Study, Part 2: Funding

Transportation Funding Study

In the Spring of 2011 the LWVVT completed a two-year Transportation Study with the aim of assessing how best to help people move around the state conveniently and efficiently. (Click here for a summary of the results of that study.)

The new position statement provides a strong platform for assessing and critiquing transit plans in the future. However, consensus was not reached on several key questions, specifically those pertaining to possible funding mechanisms. As a consequence, several League members recommended a new study focusing just on funding mechanisms which was adopted at Convention in May, 2011:

Scope: Such a study could include, but is not limited to: identifying funding mechanisms used in other states and considering their possible application in Vermont: considering increased flexibility in allocating and utilizing existing and new funding; and, exploring the role rules and regulations play in governing access to funding.

A recently released report, Transportation Governance and Finance: a 50-State Review of State Legislatures and Departments of Transportation,identifies funding mechanisms. Click here to see the whole report. We have excerpted the Executive Summary and data specific to Vermont.

In December, 2011, Southeast Vermont League of Women Voters Member-at-Large Unit sponsored a public forum on transportation funding. Click here to see a summary of the information provided at that event.

Another panel discussion was aired on CCTV in Burlington in March, 2012. A report of that discussion can be read here.

In October, 2012 League members met with Sen. Dick Mazza, Chair of the VT Senate Transportation Committee. Click here for notes from that meeting.

This is another helpful website. Near the bottom you can click on a Congressional Budget Office report on alternative funding.

Funding was in the spotlight at two League events this fall. Read a summary of the information provided by the Vermont Transportation Board and Senator Mazza.

The final report coming out of the study can be found here.