Making Democracy Work

Advocacy Positions

The League of Women Voters of Vermont supports:

Our advocacy positions are summarized below. Click on the headings for the full text.

Voter Rights and Government

Instant Runoff Voting.

Efforts to streamline the legislative process.

Four-year terms for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, annual sessions of the General Assembly.

Legislative redistricting

It is of interest to note that the LWVNC has recently adopted a position nearly identical to ours on Instant Runoff Voting. You can read it here.

Fiscal Policy

The redistribution of the tax burden in Vermont, particularly the property tax, through land use assessment rather than fair market value; and strongly supports the present tax on Vermont-derived income of nonresidents.

The LWV of Vermont supports the establishment of a State Bank. The League believes that the establishment of this bank should be a gradual process in order capitalize the bank and develop its functions. In establishing a state bank, governance and regulation will need to be addressed to assure transparency as to the use of public funds.

Social Policy

A publicly funded, single-payer, comprehensive, universal, equitable health care system for Vermont.


Legislation which moves Vermont to predominant reliance on renewable energy resources and energy efficiency.

A regional approach (ME, NH, VT) to disposal of low-level radioactive waste.

The policy and purpose of the Act Relating to Solid Waste adopted in 1987 by the General Assembly.

Land protection and an integrated development plan for Vermont through a state organizational framework.

Modes of transportation that promote good health and environmental quality.

Regional planning and implementation of integrated transportation systems throughout New England.

Municipalities developing local groundwater withdrawal regulations.


Equality of educational opportunity for all public schools in Vermont.

Alternative high schools for special purposes and magnet schools with scholastic specialties, in order to strengthen Vermont's public schools, but does not support vouchers or charter schools.

Uniform pre-school screening for all Vermont children.